Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Now on Muniblogs.com

"Hi Bill,

I came across your site last night while searching for Municipal Blogs in Canada. I recently launched MuniBlogs.com to highlight blogging Municipal Councillors and officials from across Canada. I've added your feed to the site's main page, the Alberta section and have created a Grande Prairie page. I have also created a 2007 Alberta Municipal Elections section. Let me know if your current blog is also going to be your election site or whether you're going to have a different site. I'll add your feed to the Election section as well.

My main goal with MUNIBlogs is to help highlight people such as yourself who are using the internet and blogging to actively engage with their residents.

Paul Synnott

Hey Paul, thanks! I've added MuniBlogs.com to the Worthwhile Blogs section on the right hand side of the site. Pop by and have a look at some of the others taking about municipal politics in Canada.

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