Friday, November 30, 2007

AUMA Convention - GP Pushes Internet Voting Forward

We've had good success with our resolutions at the AUMA convention this year. Below I mentioned our 911 funding resolution that was passed yesterday.

This afternoon I had the pleasure of standing up to introduce our resolution on internet voting. The resolution read;

"Now therefore be it resolved that the AUMA encourage the Provincial Government to amend the Local Authorities Election Act to enable alternative means of voting for future Municipal General Elections, including internet or web-based voting, while preserving the integrity of the voting process and protection for voters of the secrecy to cast ballots."

I spoke to the experience of Markham, which I mentioned here before. The vote was called and the motion passed - but with a surprisingly narrow margin! I think it was something like 118 for and 76 against. Regardless of the margin it is now the policy of the organization and they will begin working on the province to get this moving. Hopefully you'll have the ability to vote online soon... The next city election is in 2010, stay tuned.


Leslie said...

Hi Bill--
I was also surprised at the narrow margin with which this resolution passed. Seemed like an excellent idea to me but the votes against started me wondering what objections people have to this type of voting or whether the idea was just too new for a lot of delegates.

William V said...

I would vote online, its very convenient.


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