Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stamped Concrete - Adding a Little Colour

With so much construction going on in the city over the last few years we've had lots of opportunities to do a little extra and improve the over-all look of our city. In my opinion we haven't always made the best of these opportunities but that's starting to change.

Over the next couple of weeks you'll notice a little colour being added to our streets through the use of stamped concrete in some of the road consturction projects that are being finalized. There isn't much of a cost difference to use the colourful concrete and I think it makes a big improvement.

There's been a lot of work to match the colour with the brick sidewalks downtown. The idea is that over time the interlocking brick sidewalks could be replaced with stamped concrete which would require a lot less maintenance. For the time being I think it will be a welcome splash of colour that will help improve our streetscapes!

You'll see the stamped concrete at 107th Avenue south of the Casino, the new 102 Street connection to 116th ave (pictured above), 100 Avenue & 92nd Street by Cobblestone and 68th Avenue by Countryside South.

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CT Stamped Concrete said...

Thats a great idea to put stamped concrete there!


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