Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Draft Municipal Development Plan Available

Back in March I mentioned that the city was working on redoing it's Municipal Development Plan (also known as the MDP). As I mentioned back then:

"The MDP is the overarching document that guides all the other plans that the city does so it's principles have a big impact in how our community develops. In fact it literally shapes the way our neighbourhoods grow, mature and redevelop - so it has a big impact on our quality of life."

There have been lots of input sessions and open houses since then and there is now a draft version of the new plan available. If you take a moment to check it out you'll notice that it highlights things such as; more respect for the pre-existing natural environment when new neighbourhoods are developed, increased focus on sidewalks and walkable communities as well as bike paths, direction to develop a 20 year economic development vision, and standards that will yield more attractive commercial development.

That's just a few of the high points.

To see the detail check out the full version of the draft plan HERE.


Check out the "easy reading" version in the promotional flyer HERE.

Read either version and send me your comments, positive and/or negative.

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