Monday, November 30, 2009

A Grande Prairie Brand?

We just had a presentation from the consultants we hired to help us develop a brand for Grande Prairie. I'll post more info on it later but since I have 45 minutes before our meeting proper starts I thought I'd solicit a little feedback on some of the key points. Keep in mind that none of this is a slogan or a tag-line - it's meant to clearly define "... A widely held perception consumers have about a place."

"In Grande Prairie, you will have opportunities to achieve your dream. In Grande Prairie there is a willingness to try new things. Your creativity and ingenuity will be received with an open mind. We offer an environment that nurtures your entrepreneurial spirit, and a friendly nature to help you acheive your goals."

And, if I described Grande Prairie as a person like this (below) would
I be right?

"Grande Prairie is young, smart, open-minded, clever, positive and possesses a desire to acheive and help others acheive."

So, does all that sound like Grande Prairie?

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Anonymous said...

It sounds great Bill, however what I read does not ring true for what I have experienced so far, living in Grande Prairie. If the intention of the branding is to create an ideal for Grande Prairians to aspire to, then I think it is awesome, and I hope it works. My vision for our community is that an inherent sense of pride is fostered and constantly strived for. I've conducted polls around town, and long-time residents are ok with the status quo (which seems far too complacent to me). They don't see the problems that are so clear to newcomers (ie: esthetics, cleanliness, neighbourhood structure). Newcomers just want to leave as soon as they can. Hopefully a brand will help give our people an image to live up to. Looking forward to hearing more and seeing it all unfold.


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