Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why Grande Prairie Is A Great Place To Invest

An important function of our Economic Development department is inform companies and individuals about Grande Prairie and why they should consider investing here.

To support this there is the website that has lots of practical info that corporate head offices and regular people alike will find useful. The website has been up for some time and is a great asset - but of course there's nothing like "face time" and we are sometimes called upon to do presentations about the region. To this end Brian Glavin, our Economic Development officer, has put together a slide show outlining the reasons that Grande Prairie is a great region to invest in. Brian presented this at a GGS committee a couple of weeks ago, just so council would be aware but I thought I'd take it a step further and get an electronic version to share with you.

Check out the slide show below and if you, or your company, is looking for a place to invest - consider the Grande Prairie region!

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Jean-Marc Lacasse said...

"further economic development requires further harnessment of our human creative talents. It's no longer sufficient to pump more resources out of the grown, build bigger factories, or employ more people in physical work. If we want our societies to grow and develop, we'll need to extend the engagement of our full creative talents, not just a small elite but of each and every worker. (...) No economic system is entirely, or simply, about money. Economic systems reflect the way people choose to live and the way society see themselves"
- Richard Florida, The Great Reset. Also author of The Rise of the Creative Class".


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