Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Graffiti Wipe Out Week – June 6-10, 2011

From a report at the Protective Services committee yesterday...

Marketing for the Graffiti Wipe Out week and requests for volunteers started in mid-March and is continuing through several different avenues including posters, radio, community pages, social media (Facebook, Twitter, City website), road signs and email.

In less than two days, 73 vandalized properties have been identified and are potential sites for Graffiti Wipe Out week. The vandalized businesses and property owners will be personally contacted over the next 10 days and will be educated on the effect of graffiti within a community, how it impacts crime levels and the importance of quick removal. They will then be encouraged to either remove it themselves or give their consent to have our volunteers remove it during Graffiti Wipe Out week.

The property owner’s responsibility will be to provide the appropriate paint and ensure the area around the vandalized area is safe for the volunteers and staff. Crime Prevention will supply the volunteers, equipment and supplies necessary to remove it. Educational information has been sent to the Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Association with the request that they forward it to all of their members to assist in educating them on graffiti management and offering assistance in removal by volunteers and the free use of Crime Prevention’s Graffiti Wipe Out kits. These kits include rollers, paint brushes, safety goggles, disposable coveralls, gloves, etc. Several volunteers have come forward to assist in painting, supervising and promotion of the Graffiti Wipe Out week.

Volunteers include City employees, seniors, families and community youth. The Youth Intervention Program has six youth that may be assisting in the Wipe Out for reparation. Volunteers will be trained online in WHMIS through the City as well as being trained on safe removal of graffiti. Graffiti Wipe Out week launch is slated for 10 am on June 6th with Mayor Bill Given, councillors, City staff, volunteers and media in attendance.

The location was originally planned to be the new Protective Services building however, Crime Prevention is looking for an alternate location with a significant amount of graffiti to showcase removal.

Crime Prevention has approached ATCO to join the City of Grande Prairie in fighting graffiti by pledging to remove it from any targeted property they own within 24-48 hours of identification. This is similar to the pledge between the City of Leduc and Fortis Alberta. Crime Prevention is waiting for a response from ATCO. Neighbourhood Safety Teams and Associations have also been contacted and encouraged to conduct an inspection of their areas and conduct a neighbourhood wipe out during Graffiti Wipe Out Week.

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