Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Economic Development Partners with ACFA to Recruit

Did you know that Grande Prairie has the 3rd largest French Association in all of Alberta? Not bad for being the 7th largest city in the province right? The size of our Francophone community is a real asset for our city as it leads to some very important partnerships like the one below. 

The City's Economic Development Officer will be traveling with ACFA representatives to Brussels and Paris in an effort to highlight the job opportunities available in our region.

It goes to show that investments to support and partner with our cultural communities make us an attractive place to live - and if we're an attractive place to live then people will consider moving here when they might not otherwise. 

With the labour market tightening up again Grande Prairie will benefit from the doors our cultural communities can open for us. 

All the details are below in the City media release. 

Recruitment Opportunity for Grande Prairie Employers
Media Release
October 24, 2011

The City of Grande Prairie is representing the region at the Destination Canada job fairs in Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium in partnership with the L'Association Canadienne-Française de l'Alberta (ACFA).

“There is a skilled worker shortage developing within our region,” says Brian Glavin, Economic Development Officer. “The Destination Canada event is an excellent opportunity for our community as the applicants have been pre-screened to be fluent in English as well as being skilled workers.” The events, which run from November 15th-19th, will have between 3,500 and 4,000 job seekers.

“The job fair provides employers with access to a pool of highly qualified workers looking to relocate to Canada,” says Glavin.

The job seekers span a wide range of specialties, from engineers and mechanics to chefs and surgeons. Companies looking to hire skilled employees can contact the Economic Development department for more details or sign up directly on the Destination Canada website.

Media enquiries may be directed to:

Brian Glavin
Economic Development Officer
City of Grande Prairie

Michelle Margarit
ACFA - Grande Prairie

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