Thursday, April 7, 2011

South Muskoseepi Bridge Closed

As the sun has come out and the snow has started to melt I'm sure everyone is itching to get out and go for a walk, run or bike ride on the trails. Unfortunately there is a problem at the pedestrian bridge south of 68th Ave....

-Update- The bridge has been opened to pedestrians again. Repairs to the asphalt will be made later this spring (the plants that make the asphalt haven't started up yet) but the bridge is safe to use.

Media Release
April 6, 2011

Water Wash Out Closes South Bear Creek Trail

The concrete pedestrian bridge adjacent to 68th Ave. in Muskoseepi Park has been closed indefinitely.

This action results from water washing away the approach to the bridge which spans South Bear Creek. Aquatera is working to find the source of the runoff and complete repairs.

As a precaution the bridge has been barricaded and fenced off to prevent public from crossing in that location.

“We ask trail users to find an alternative route until further notice while heavy equipment is in the location to undertake repairs,” says Parks Operations Manager Laurie Barry. “We know this is a popular location for trail enthusiasts and regret this inconvenience. However, safety is of utmost importance.”

“There is a significant amount of damage from runoff to the area around the bridge,” says Aquatera spokesperson Tim Conrad. “Our team is investigating the water source, and will look to redirect it and make temporary repairs to the trail as soon as possible.

“We will need to close the trail and bridge again later in the spring to complete permanent repairs after the frost has come out of the ground.”

Media enquiries may be directed to:

Laurie Barry
Muskoseepi Park Operations Manager

Tim Conrad
Aquatera Communications Manager


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