Monday, September 26, 2011

Ice Delay Possible at Dave Barr Arena

Installation of ice at the newly renovated Dave Barr Community Centre may be delayed until October 27, a few weeks beyond the originally scheduled Oct. 11 date. 

Improvements to the rink at the Dave Barr Community Centre are taking longer than expected. A $1.4-million project has included a new condenser, boards and glass, and revamping of the heating and ventilation system. Fire sprinklers and other infrastructure needs were also addressed.

Dave Barr management is working with Coca-Cola Centre and Crystal Centre personnel to accommodate ice time demands. User groups have been made aware of the projected delay.

The delay is connected with the manufacture and installation of the board and glass system. 

Once these are in place, staff will work around the clock, with help from the City’s other two arenas, to ensure the ice surface is in as quickly as possible.

“We are working to tighten-up the time frame of when user groups can get onto the ice,” says Garry Roth, Community Services Director. “Running extra shifts will minimize the down-time.”


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