Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Graffiti Wipe Out Week – June 6-10, 2011

From a report at the Protective Services committee yesterday...

Marketing for the Graffiti Wipe Out week and requests for volunteers started in mid-March and is continuing through several different avenues including posters, radio, community pages, social media (Facebook, Twitter, City website), road signs and email.

In less than two days, 73 vandalized properties have been identified and are potential sites for Graffiti Wipe Out week. The vandalized businesses and property owners will be personally contacted over the next 10 days and will be educated on the effect of graffiti within a community, how it impacts crime levels and the importance of quick removal. They will then be encouraged to either remove it themselves or give their consent to have our volunteers remove it during Graffiti Wipe Out week.

The property owner’s responsibility will be to provide the appropriate paint and ensure the area around the vandalized area is safe for the volunteers and staff. Crime Prevention will supply the volunteers, equipment and supplies necessary to remove it. Educational information has been sent to the Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Association with the request that they forward it to all of their members to assist in educating them on graffiti management and offering assistance in removal by volunteers and the free use of Crime Prevention’s Graffiti Wipe Out kits. These kits include rollers, paint brushes, safety goggles, disposable coveralls, gloves, etc. Several volunteers have come forward to assist in painting, supervising and promotion of the Graffiti Wipe Out week.

Volunteers include City employees, seniors, families and community youth. The Youth Intervention Program has six youth that may be assisting in the Wipe Out for reparation. Volunteers will be trained online in WHMIS through the City as well as being trained on safe removal of graffiti. Graffiti Wipe Out week launch is slated for 10 am on June 6th with Mayor Bill Given, councillors, City staff, volunteers and media in attendance.

The location was originally planned to be the new Protective Services building however, Crime Prevention is looking for an alternate location with a significant amount of graffiti to showcase removal.

Crime Prevention has approached ATCO to join the City of Grande Prairie in fighting graffiti by pledging to remove it from any targeted property they own within 24-48 hours of identification. This is similar to the pledge between the City of Leduc and Fortis Alberta. Crime Prevention is waiting for a response from ATCO. Neighbourhood Safety Teams and Associations have also been contacted and encouraged to conduct an inspection of their areas and conduct a neighbourhood wipe out during Graffiti Wipe Out Week.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Donation Of Goods For Fire Victims Maxed Out!

Trucks and storage lockers across the province are brimming with donations for residents displaced by fires in Northern Alberta. No further non-cash contributions are needed at this time.

The province, local municipalities and the Red Cross are working with evacuees to determine their needs,” says Donelda Laing, Manager of Community Social Development with the City of Grande Prairie. “As we assess how we can best help these regional neighbours, we will share this information with communities in our area.”

The City of Grande Prairie, the County of Grande Prairie, the Towns of Sexsmith, Beaverlodge and Wembley and the Village of Hythe are part of the Grande Prairie Regional Emergency Partnership.

We know that residents across the region are eager to help and we appreciate the outpouring of concern and generosity,” says Kathleen Turner, Director of Family and Community Support Services with the County of Grande Prairie. “The best way people can assist is to provide cash donations so specific needs can be addressed.
Individuals and organizations wishing to provide assistance are asked to please consider giving a cash donation rather than goods. Individuals and organizations that wish to provide assistance are asked to call the Red Cross at 1-800-418-1111 or online at, or the Salvation Army 780-908-7782 or 780-909-5598.
Cash donations may be made to the Community Foundation of Greater Grande Prairie by calling 780-538-2820 or contributions can be made online at
Media enquiries may be directed to:
Donelda Laing
Community Social Development Manager
City of Grande Prairie

Kathleen Turner
FCSS Director
County of Grande Prairie

Sharon McLean
Red Cross Regional Branch Manager

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Regional Draw

I'm not sure if people real realize just how cool The Multiplex is going to be. It seems like a lot of people think of it as "the new pool" and that leads to picturing an updated, bigger, version of the Leisure Centre.

The reality is that it's much, much more than that. It really does have the potential to be a regional tourist draw.

I'm not saying that people from Calgary are going to decide that they need to drive up just to check it out but I do believe that people from the north and the region around the city may do just that. I also think that after families stop in once they will start to make it a regular part of their visits to the City. Just like my family used to stop in at the wave pool in Millwoods and then the water park at WestEd when we would go down to Edmonton.

With features like a tube slide, adventure river and surfing machine all set in amongst a fantasy dinosaur theme, kids and parents alike are going to love it.

Check out the pictures and tell me you're not excited too....

City Media Release

The much anticipated Dinosaurs for the Multiplex are finally arriving in Grande Prairie! The first shipment of the Multiplex’s prehistoric pals, are now onsite at the Multiplex and installation will begin in late June.

Cheryl McKenzie, Multiplex Marketing Manager says “This is one of the most exciting parts of the overall aquatics area. The personality that these playful dinosaurs display is just amazing. In the children’s vortex area the dinosaurs are cute, colourful and friendly.

There are 6 perched on Hoo Doo’s surrounding the kiddie’s area, and they are equipped with goggles and life preservers just ready to splash in the pool. There are 3 more surrounding the family hot tub and volcano. Further back in the giant slide area beside the lazy river the dinosaurs are more realistic looking. We have a giant T-Rex head that is breaking through the rock facade over the change rooms and a couple more are on the island in the Lazy River. In addition the theme includes waterfalls, foliage, 4 pterodactyls, dinosaur rib cage and murals depicting some of the prehistoric aquatic life. The City wants to support the exciting new dinosaur opportunities that our region is becoming known for and The Multiplex is the perfect place to put that theme to good use. Though the Dinosaurs at the Multiplex in no way represent those found at Pipestone, they will certainly help get visitors and locals alike in the ‘Dinosaur Frame of Mind’.”

The Dinosaurs were designed in Calgary at Studio Y Creations and have taken over a year to develop. Studio Y has taken the Dinosaur theme to a whole new level while remaining considerate of all ages of our patrons.

“It is going to be so exciting to show off the Multiplex to everyone. It is definitely a one of a kind facility that won’t fail to impress anyone who comes to visit us!” adds McKenzie.


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