Thursday, June 12, 2008

Guild of Artists Celebrates City's 50th Anniversary

I walked in to City Hall yesterday and - Wow!

There is a new art exhibition in the main foyer that will knock your socks off. As part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations the Grande Prairie Guild of Artists has put together a show entitled: Experiencing Grande Prairie.

From Nan Swanston of the Guild;
Experiencing Grande Prairie is a show of recent works by the Grande Prairie Guild of Artists celebrating both the 50th anniversary of the City as well as the 25th anniversary of the Guild. The show depicts snapshots in time of what we have seen and appreciate about Grande Prairie. Some of the paintings are historical viewpoints where others highlight different areas of Grande Prairie or reflect on the life we enjoy in the city.

Contributing artists;
Carol-Lee Eckhardt
Louise Lissoway
Corinne Cowan
Dale Syrota
Nan Swanston
Valerie Ditch
Louanne Hart
Yvonne Dickson
Emily Lozeron
Jean Kimble
Colleen Holler
Sylvia Hayes

(Check out Art of The Peace for more info on all the artists. Actually while you're at it check out the main Art of The Peace site for a survey of the arts scene in the Peace Country. The site includes electronic versions of the print articles from the magazine of the same name. )

Even though Grande Prairie has always had a vibrant arts scene most of the works produced depict the surrounding countryside. Think of folks like Jim Stokes, his best known works are gorgeous landscapes that capture all the colour of the Peace Country (one hangs above my couch) but they are definitely not urban settings. So it's great to see the Guild's exhibition feature the beauty that can be found within our city limits. From speaking to their members I hear it was a little bit of a challenge to look at the city through a different lens but the results are excellent!

There will be a closing reception and sale of the art in the City Hall foyer on September 11th at 7:00pm - but don't wait that long to visit!

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