Monday, June 16, 2008

Hot Action in Cell Auction Continues

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Since my previous post on the topic the auction for wireless spectrum in the Grande Prairie area has accelerated. Last time I reported it looked like Bragg Communications (aka Eastlink ) was looking to make a serious play to become a service provider in the Grande Prairie area.

At 9:30am on June 11th (in Round 44 of the auction) the high bids stood at:
Section A - Eastlink, $744,000
Section D - 1380057 Alberta Ltd., $211,156
Section E - Eastlink, $297,000
Section F - Eastlink, $823,000

Through the next bunch of rounds the Big Three (Telus, Bell and Rogers) played leap frog with Eastlink, recapturing their spectrum just to be out bid again in the next round. Occasionally 1380057 AB Ltd. (Shaw Communications) would pop in and try to get in on the action. It looks like they weren't too serious about it though, as they haven't placed a new bid since round 53.

Now at 3pm on June 16th, after 26 more rounds of bidding, the standings are:
Section A - Eastlink, $1,960,000
Section D - 1380057 Alberta Ltd., $211,156
Section E - Bell, $719,000
Section F - Telus, $2,190,000

I understand (thanks to that round starts each hour, on the hour, so in a few minutes I expect to see Eastlink out bid Telus and Bell for the E & F slots and on the other side of the coin for Rogers to come back and out bid Eastlink for the A slot.

Very interesting. I expect that we'll read about this in the news paper soon but they may wait until the whole thing has been settled, so remember; if want to track the Grande Prairie bidding action yourself you can go here.
(choose licences 349a, 349d, 349f, 349e and select "All Bids" from the drop down menu)

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