Wednesday, May 20, 2009

GGS Committee Agenda for May 20th

I thought I'd try something different today and post the agenda for my 10am General Government Services committee meeting. This committee meets every second week and generally deals with things like internal corporate services (IT, and Finance) as well as the administrative functions of the corporation.

Below is the agenda for today's meeting. The names you see below the agenda items are the staff members who are presenting the report on that item. My quick comment is in italics.

1. “In Camera” (Land Matter)
In Camera basically means "behind closed doors" and it is generally used to protect privacy or in situations where the discussion is part of a negotiation. The rule of thumb is that you can use it when discussing "Legal, Land or Labour" issues.

2. March 2009, Financial Statement (attached)
K. Anderson, Corporate Services Director

This is a regular agenda item that comes at least every quarter and provides an over view of the city's finances.

3. Cancellation of Regularly Scheduled Meetings (attached)
A. Cerny, Deputy Legislative Services Manager

Most of council will be away at the start of June for the FCM conference (I'll be staying home) so some meetings will be cancelled.

4. 2009 Records Destruction (attached)
A. Cerny, Deputy Legislative Services Manager

This is a once yearly item. The city has a lot of paper stored and by law we are allowed to destroy certain things after a certain amount of time has passed. Looking at the list there is some stuff as old as 1973 and some as new as 2006.

5. Grande Prairie Airport Commission Lease to 810807 Alberta Ltd. (attached)
A. Cerny, Deputy Legislative Services Manager

Did you know the city owns the airport? Well, we do and we lease it to the Airport Commission. This is approving a lease for a private building on the airport land.

6. Strategic Plan and Priorities Chart (attached)
J. Ferguson, Legislative Services Manager

This is the result of our strategic planning session in Jasper and these documents guide how the city does business and what council sees as the priority items that need to be dealt with.

7. Correspondence:
These are all letters, ect that we've received from various government departments.
1. Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development, re: Increased Operational Funding for Evergreen Park (attached)

2. Alberta Culture and Community Spirit, re: Funding for Evergreen Park (attached)

3. Alberta Municipal Affairs, re: 2009 Municipal Sustainability Initiative Funding (attached)

4. Alberta Municipal Affairs, re: 2009 MunicipalSustainability Initiative Program Changes (attached)

5. Fletcher, Mudryk & Co. LLP, re: Audit of the Financial Statements (attached)

6. Northern Alberta Elected Leaders, re: Airport Traffic Services Review Discussion Paper (attached)

7. PREDA May 2009, Members report (attached)

8. Other Business

I have to go, I've got 19 minutes to get to city hall to make this meeting. What do you think was this worthwhile? Should I make this a regular part of the blog?


Anonymous said...

Yes absolutely keep doing it.

Jane said...

I agree - useful to see.


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