Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Intersection Improvements, and More!

Badly needed improvements will finally happen at the 68th Ave & Poplar Drive intersection. This spot has been become dangerous as traffic has increased due to the development of the Country Side South (& North) and Signature Falls areas.

The Intersection, Highlighted By The BLUE Marker

As these new neighbourhoods filled up it increased the number of people travelling east/west along 68th ave. A few years ago council responded to resident concerns by putting in a pedestrian activated crosswalk but it looks like the time has come for full signalization. If I remember correctly the crosswalk light was put in so it wouldn't have to be moved when this full-scale development came along.

Anyhow, keep your eyes open for the changes happening at 68th & Poplar - right near the Shell Station.

City Media Release:

Improvements Planned for 68 Avenue
Efforts to improve traffic flow in the Poplar Drive-68 Ave. area are under way.

Installation of temporary traffic lights at the 68 Avenue and Poplar Drive intersection will occur this week in an attempt to ease congestion and improve safety. After the lights are set up, they will flash for one week to allow motorists to become accustomed to the new system. They will flash yellow on 68th Avenue and red on Poplar Drive. Flashing yellow directs drivers to proceed with caution; flashing red means to stop the same as at a stop sign.

“This project is an important priority to complete as this section of the City has become busier in recent years,” says Colin Farynowski, Transportation Engineering Supervisor. ”With the ever increasing amount of motorists in the area, long wait times and lack of traffic signals, it was apparent that an improvement was needed.”

In addition to new traffic lights, plans to twin 68 Avenue and several intersection improvements will help address the heavy traffic flow through the area. The remainder of the upgrades are expected to begin in 2010.

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So what's the plan for 2010?


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