Monday, August 17, 2009

Day of the Honey Bee?

Quick note; I have Environment Committee at 3pm.

It's a pretty light agenda only 3 items... a delegation from the Canadian Home Builders to talk about their "Build Green Initiative", discussion about a planning session for the committee and a report on the idea of declaring May 29th 2010 as "The Day of The Honey Bee" in Grande Prairie.

This comes from a letter we received from a gentleman in Saskatoon who is campaigning to have all municipalities mark the same day.

It may sound strange but there good reason to recognize the lowly honey bee. Scientists have noticed a phenomon called Colony Collapse Disorder that they fear could lead to the extinction of honey bees which would have a big impact on our food supply! Check out the Wikipedia article here.

You can see the full text of the letter here on the website of a municipal politician from Guelph.

So what do you think - should we mark the Day of the Honey Bee?


Mr ClintonShaneEkdahl said...

My name is Clinton Shane Ekdahl, and I am the Gentleman Campaigning for "Day of the Honey Bee". I will not further add reasons why the good people across Canada should support this cause as I believe I clearly state my reasons in the letter. However,I will say that currently there are eleven Municipal Governments that have issued proclamations for May 29, 2010 "Day of the Honey Bee".

They are:
Saskatoon, Regina, Tisdale, Battleford, Prince Albert and Assiniboia - Saskatchewan; Milton - Ontario; Port Alberni and Duncan - British Columbia; Peace River and Botha - Alberta.
As the list gets longer, I realize that there may be hundreds added to this list as I have sent thousands of letters to Municipal and Provincial Governments and the Federal Government of Canada.

I hope that the City of Grande Prairie will be on that long list.

I am one man with a hope and with a dream that I can make a difference. I have a passion that I am not shamed to share nor afraid to voice for others are listening to that voice and we all can see that no longer can we take our world for granted; we must act to save what remains.

After all, the question to those skeptical and argumantative few should be -

"Is not the Honey Bee worth saving?"

Warmest regards to His Worship the Mayor, Members of City Council and Citizens of Grande Prairie.

Mr ClintonShaneEkdahl said...

I have just received word that Victoria, British Columbia has also issued a proclamation for May 29, 2010 to be recognized as "Day of the Honey Bee"


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