Monday, March 15, 2010

Wrapping Up The Arctic Winter Games

I stil haven't had time to fully "decompress" from the exciting and head-spinning week that was the Arctic Winter Games.

My quick impressions from the games:

• The city was busy! I mean realllllly busy - I'd almost swear that there was an audible hum from all the activity going on.
• Merchants at the mall must have noticed a spike in sales.
• Each venue had it's own personality. Cross-country skiing had a different vibe than Arctic Sports at the college.
• The things that are usually issues at the games (transportation, food and showers) seemed to get the least complaints.
• The kids had a great time.
• The army of volunteers that made the games happen deserve a rest!

That's all I can come up with right now- all in all it was a stellar week for our community!

If you'd like to see the action first hand check out the official AWG Flickr feed HERE. Volunteer Will Vaverk shot tons of pictures that captured just about everything from arrivals to departures and all the fun in between. (That's Will's work to the left.)

To see some other great shots stop by the Montrose Cultural Centre where you can check out the stunning images captured by the high school students that worked with professional photographers as part of the Photo Mentorship program.

The final medal count is on the AWG 2010 blog HERE.

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