Thursday, June 17, 2010

Commit One Simple Act Today!

The City of Grande Prairie has accepted the challenge to encourage as many residents as possible to commit to "One Simple Act". That act can be as simples as using a reusable bag, decreasing your shower time by five minutes, composting, turning the temperature in your fridge down, or reducing your idling time.


We need your help! We currently have 110 people who have registered their commitment to one act. We need more! Our challengers have 124 residents who have registered, and Camrose has 209 registered participants.


It is simple – will take about 5 minutes of your time. Please click on this link and sign up for the EcoAction calculator, join our team (City of Grande Prairie – EcoAction Challenge), and answer the ten questions. It is that simple! You will also learn how much money, water, and energy that you can save. Oh, and once you have completed your commitment – if you send me an email I will enter you in the draw for a prize package worth $200.00.


Please forward this to your friends and co-workers and encourage them to commit to One Simple Act. 

1 comment:

Diane Schuller said...

so glad you are behind initiatives like this. I had written about this previously in my environment column that used to be in GPInk (my column now appears in Peace Country Sun. I love that word is getting out and I hope many GP residents sign up for doing and committing to one simple act!


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