Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Big Changes to 68th Ave, between Poplar Dr. & Resources Rd.

The city is set to replace the set of "farmer lights" at the intersection of 68th Ave and Poplar Drive. The lights were a temporary measure while we got ready for the main event project described in the city media release below. I'm sure this will make things difficult in the short term but when completed the intersection will be safer, there will be sidewalks where there were none before and the road will finally be able to keep up with the volume of traffic it's sees day in and day out.

Roadwork Underway To Provide 68 Avenue Enhancements
News Release
June 30, 2010

The City of Grande Prairie advises motorists that a four-lane roadway improvement project may cause delays over the next two months on 68 Avenue, between Resources Road and Poplar Drive.

The initiatives will impact traffic flow for drivers travelling west of Resources Road and east of Poplar Drive.

Phase 1 sees removals of existing pavement, paving, gutter and curb work occurring on 68 Avenue between Poplar Drive and Resources Road. The focal point of the work will be installation of new traffic signals at the intersection at Poplar and 68 Avenue and, widening on both sides of the road. Traffic flow will continue using the two lanes designated during the construction period.

Phase 2 involves drainage work, berm placement and sidewalk down the south side of 68 Avenue, east of Poplar Drive.

Phase 3 will see construction to add a right turn lane, east of Resources Road, and an acceleration lane being completed off 68 Avenue east onto Resources Road south. Work will be performed to make slight changes to reshape the storm pond on the NE corner of Resources Road and 68 Avenue. The construction at the Resources Road/68 Avenue intersection will bring this intersection to the ultimate design stage for this arterial road.

“We thank motorists for their patience as this work proceeds,” says Steve Kay, Project Engineer. “These enhancements are part of the eventual widening of 68 Avenue, as it has become a major east-west route.”

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Dave Logan said...

I know this is a little cheeky but why is it standard practice to twin a Street like 68th Ave at no cost to users (residents and business's alike) but a local improvement fee is asked for in areas like the 105 St or 128 Ave. Shouldn't the same principle apply? Improve the area and increased property value funds the work. Not charge business's for roads that all residents use. What do you think?


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