Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Montrose Cultural Centre Recognized with Award

The architects of the Montrose Cultural Centre have been recognized with an award for their design of the building.

From Canadian Architect:

"Toronto-based Teeple Architects (in association with Kasian Architecture) received the 2010 Prairie Design Award of Excellence for the Montrose Cultural Centre in Grande Prairie, Alberta in the Recent Work category. The award celebrates “new standards in creativity and skill” and is presented every two years by the Alberta Association of Architects (AAA), the Saskatchewan Association of Architects (SAA) and the Manitoba Association of Architects (MAA). The Awards were presented at the kick-off to the RAIC/SAA Festival of Architecture in Saskatoon at the end of June."

Read the full article HERE.

Of course the real point of the building is how it's used and what it means to the community. The increased number of people getting library memberships, making visits the gallery and enjoying the space show the true value of the building - but, it's also nice to know that the great things we have here in GP are also recognized outside of our city.

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Leslie said...

How great to have that recognition. It really is a lovely building and a great addition to the downtown area of GP.


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