Sunday, August 26, 2007

Smoking Bans Coming Jan 1st

I've mentioned before that the Province of Alberta is finally looking like it will enact a province wide smoking ban.

The most recent news, says that it looks like January 1st of 2008 will be the day. On top of the ban on smoking in public places the province will also reduce the places that tobacco can be sold and how it can be displayed is stores.

From the Edmonton Journal:

"The bill was introduced in June without any implementation dates. Hancock's ministry has now proposed bringing Alberta's tobacco-use rules in line with nearly every other province on New Year's Day.

But the government will give businesses more time to prepare for other anti-smoking measures in the Smoke-Free Places Amendment Act, which awaits third reading in the legislature this fall.

The ban on visible store tobacco displays, or "power walls," is planned for July 1, while the rules blocking all post-secondary campuses and pharmacies -- even supermarkets containing pharmacies -- from selling the cancer-causing products would take effect at the start of 2009."

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I think this is good news, it's about time Alberta had uniform legislation rather than the patchwork of different rules in different municipalities.


Anonymous said...

Don't you think that this smoking ban is descriminating smokers?
Why isn't the ban on smoking in public places where minors can go enough?
I'd like to know your opinion,

Bill Given said...

Thanks for leaving your comment Kelsey!

This is a public health issue and as such I really view it as protecting people from things which will, with certainty, harm them and leave lasting negative health impacts - not just on them but also on anyone around them.

I don't think a ban like this is discriminating against smokers because A) as I said this is a health issue and B) there is no protection of the right to smoke in Canada's Charter of Rights.

From what I've seen the provincial legislation will also start to make changes to how this harmful product is sold and marketed. That is another step in a long process of changing attitudes and educating people to a point where, hopefully, no one will ever start smoking and pick up the habit again.

Anonymous said...

I think it is unfar to smokers that they now can not stand up on the side of the road and have a smoke, but here in Alberta they will leave their trucks running all day and night. Don't you think that there is more effect on the ozone with these trucks on all night, than me standing up having a smoke? I have no problem brining my smoke out side and I totally understand why people don't want to sit in a room full of smoke. But what I can't understand why can't I smoke out side as long as I am not by any public door ways?

Anonymous said...

Funny how smoking in public places has been banned everywhere, yet cigarettes are still being sold and heavily taxed.
I am a smoker, but it is so incredibly obvious to me that the government cares more about the money than the health of citizens.
If it was all about everyones health, they would have outlawed cigarettes.. period. BUT the billions of dollars that they make on them is too much to give up. Can you imagine the huge impact on the income from tobacco tax??
This whole scenario is so incredibly hypocritical!
marajuana is illegal, and you don;t see people smoking it in public! Soooo... don't ya think???


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