Thursday, November 15, 2007

City Budget Media Release

I thought since I had a short posting last night I'd also post this city media release focused on the budget process.

2008-2010 City Budget Deliberations Begin Today

Budget presentations for the City of Grande Prairie begin this morning at the Sandman Inn. Today and Thursday, capital plan items will be reviewed. There are a total of 217 individual projects being brought forward – 43 with undefined funding sources.

Capital items are non-recurring expenditures that can include larger scale purchases such as buildings and vehicles but also encompass functional and master plans and studies. Three days – Nov. 21-23 – have been allotted for aldermen to hear operational budget presentations.

Community groups will make submissions on Dec. 3 and 4.

A budget will be finalized on Dec. 17.

“During these presentations, aldermen are sitting as Council Committee-of-the-Whole and they make recommendations to Council,” explains City Manager Dave Gourlay.

“We operate on a three-year budget cycle, which allows for long-term planning,” adds Gourlay. “However, with our substantial growth over the past few years, Council will have a significant challenge dealing with the many needs of our municipality and the community as a whole.”

The City is operating with a $59 million 2007 budget.

I feel like I should note that the last line there is referring to the operational budget, as I mentioned yesterday the capital budget is in the area of $175 million over the 3 years. Also, City Manager Dave wasn't kidding - there are a lot of needs expressed in the budget, it was evident from day one. It's going to be interesting to see how this group on council responds to those needs and the resulting cost.

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