Monday, July 28, 2008

Library Update - July 28th 2008

The director of the public library is great a sending me updates to pass on to council every second Monday. I always post them here for two reasons:

1. It's an additional way to get the word out about all the cool things happening at the library
2. It's an easy way to add some great content to this blog with out me having to write much! ; )

Well, it looks like the summer holidays might have had something to do with Laurie's report this week - it looks like she had a little help providing some of her content too!

Hi Bill,
I asked the summer students who are running programs to provide an update on how it's going. There's a lot of reading going on in Grande Prairie this summer!

Heather Field, Partners in Reading Coordinator writes:
Partners in Reading is currently in its fifth week. We have 55 dedicated volunteers and 57 students participating in the program. So far PIR has been running smoothly, partners are getting to know each other, doing a lot of reading, and playing literacy games together. There are three weeks of reading left and we will conclude with a party to thank the volunteers and commend the children’s efforts.

Sherrie Bouchard, summer Reading Program Coordinator writes:
The TD Summer Reading Game is half way through and most students have already received several prizes from our laugh out loud loot! Over 650 kids have registered, close to 20 children have taken advantage of our "write your own story" option for bonus prizes and over a dozen children have been invited to the LOL party! Most impressive of all, a handful of quick kids have already read 24 hours or more and have entered in one of the Grand Prize draws!

Children are reading steadily and are diligently recording their minutes. This year has been another successful summer and the children keep coming back for more!

LOL programs, including the program for 8 to 12 year olds, 6 and 7 year olds and the French program, are extremely well attended! Week after week, familiar faces as well as new ones, are welcomed into the story room for funny games, crafts, stories and other activities.

The new teen "I like the book better club" is increasingly popular. We have already managed to read books and view the films of many contrasting genres. Most teens that have come once, almost always come back again, confirming that the program is running its purpose and may become an ongoing program here at the Grande Prairie Public Library.

The Teen Reading Challenge continues to be well utilized, as teens have entered in weekly draws both online and in the library.

Anna Scott, Adult Programming Assistant, writes:
The Adult Summer Reading Program is going well - 180 Reading Logs have been picked up!

So, all ages are reading up a storm this summer.

All the best with the 50th Anniversary festivities. You'll need a holiday when it's all over.

Laurie Harrison
Library Director
Grande Prairie Public Library

Thanks for the update Laurie (and friends!). Speaking of the 50th Anniversary Homecoming Weekend, I'll have an update for you tomorrow that covers all the activities that are planned for the weekend... and there are lots!

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