Friday, October 17, 2008

First Town Hall Meeting A Success

Last night at the Golden Age Centre the City hosted the first in what will likely be a series of Town Hall meetings. The turn out was good with probably 40 people in attendance. The night was chance for residents to interact with council on a fairly informal basis - everyone was free to ask questions and bring forward concerns or ideas.

I was really impressed with the discussion and happy to have an opportunity to hear the range of issues that are on people's minds. I took notes through the evening so I could share a general sense of what people were talking about and it's a pretty wide ranging list.

• Suggestion: Sanctioned "graffiti" art projects
• Concern: South Muskoseepi Park & Rumoured Golf Course Expansion
• Concern: Contractors and Timely Finishing of Construction Projects
• Concern: 6 Month Shutdown of the Building Materials Recycling Centre?
• Concern: Spending on Capital Projects Given the State of the Economy
• Kudos: For Sidewalks but Desires for Expanded Network
• Desire: For More Trees and Protection of our Existing Urban Forest
• Kudos: For the Muskoseepi Master Plan Consultants
• Question: Space for Higher Level Athlete Development at the New Multiplex
• Suggestion: Seniors "Play Parks"
• Concern: Long Term Care - Who's Responsibility
• Question: Future Development of Transit
• Question: Design Standards for Commercial Development
• Concern: Driving & Talking on Cell Phones
• Kudos: City Staff Action on Noisy Vehicle Complaint
• Concern: Poor Work on Catch Basins in Country Club West
• Suggestion: More City Support for Multicultural Association
• Question: Who so Few Bidders on the Multiplex Construction?
• Concern: County Support & Use of Multiplex
• Concern: City Treatment of People Tenting In Muskoseepi Park
• Kudos: City Focus on Disabled Parking Enforcement
• Question: Road Construction Standards
• Kudos: Info Available on City Website
• Concern: Redlight Camera Malfunctions
• Suggestion: Create a Job Bank for Youth
• Kudos: Bras Across the Bridge Promotion
• Concern: Unsightly/Unhealthy Premises

All in all a good night. I think council and staff will be able to pick up on the concerns to make sure they are addressed and hopefully we'll be able to integrate some of the good ideas into our planning and decision making.

Thanks to all who attended!

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