Monday, January 19, 2009

Community Energy System (CES)

I'm off to a Environment Committee meeting in a few minutes but I really wanted to get this up to share. This is an overview of the community energy system (CES) proposed by Aquatera. This has been in the works since at least 2001 but recently you may remember that during the city's budget discussions this year council (narrowly) voted to provide $6 million dollars over the next couple years to kick start the project.

This kick start from the city might not be enough with out support from he provincial or federal governments. The project is expensive upfront (building the system and putting the pipe in the ground) and has a long pay back period. BUT, ultimately it uses heat generated from a waste product to warm public buildings, at a cost that will be stable over the long term. For public insitutions like the city, the college or the hospital cost certainty is a very important factor. The last few years have been a perfect illustration of the trouble unpredictable costs cause for governments. I think it's a very wise investment that also happens to have great environmental benefits!

Now, who else will step up to make it a reality?




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