Friday, August 21, 2009

Library Grand Opening - Tomorrow

The Grande Prairie Public Library is holding it's grand opening tomorrow and there is a great line up of free family activities. You might remember that back in June we hosted a grand opening in conjunction with the Luitenant Governor's Arts Awards - that was actually for the whole Montrose Cultural Centre.

The event this weekend is specifically library focused and it will be a lot of fun with books, music and entertainment for everyone. The full list of the day's events is below:

Library Grande Opening – Saturday, August 22, 2009

Benjamin Alstad (Cello – in Children’s parent area) 10:00 AM

Celebration Story Time (Linda Smith Story Room) 10:30 AM

Jeannie, Katherine & Nicole Pernal (Piano, Violin & Cello – at piano) 11:00 AM

Face Painting with Shannon Fennell (Sky Story Room) 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Lucy’s Clown Caboose Magic Show (Linda Smith Story Room) 11:00 AM

Story Time with Alderman Bill Given (Preschool Play Zone) 11:30 AM

Susan Picard, Angie Maksymetz, Christine Ayling (Vocal Group – in non‐fiction) 11:30 PM

Celebration Story Time (Linda Smith Story Room) 12:30 PM

Sharon Schellenberg (Piano) 12:30 PM

Fred Penner (Teresa Sargent Hall) 1:00 PM

Library Opening Ceremonies (Teresa Sargent Hall) 3:00 PM

Lucy’s Clown Caboose Magic Show (Linda Smith Story Room) 4:00 PM

Jeannie, Katherine & Nicole Pernal (Piano, Violin & Cello – at Piano) 4:30 PM

Update - A picture of my reading, courtesy Wayne Ayling:


Leslie said...

I hope the grand opening went well and had great attendance. When I was in GP awhile ago for a workshop in the new building, I took some time to explore the library. Very nice. I asked one of the staff what she liked the best or couldn't do without and very quickly she noted the natural light, which had been lacking in the old building. Good information for us to consider as we try to locate a building that we can renovate for a larger library here in Peace River.

Bill Given said...

Thanks Leslie - everything went really well - Fred Penner tickets went fast, and the building was full all day. It was great to see the membership desk busy all day!

The building really is a great place to just go and "be" and I'd have to agree that the natural light is a big part of it.

This is GPs first propose-built library building and it was well worth it. Hopefully you are able to find something that will work well but if there's nothing out there consider going new.


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