Tuesday, November 3, 2009

AUMA COnvention 09 - PreConvention Session

I'm starting my day off in downtown Calgary as I get ready to head over to the Telus Convention Centre which is hosting the AUMA convention this year.

I'm here a day before the convention actually opens because one of the pre-convention sessions caught my eye. At 9am I'll be heading off to hear about Managing Your Municipality in an Economic Crisis, the convention handbook describes it like this:

Turbulent economic times affect more than the bottom line of an organization and whether the economy is booming or in decline, it is the people who are impacted. If your municipality is looking for creative ways to manage your workforce through economic difficulties, this session will be of interest to you. Join our panel of industry experts to learn about new trends in management, developing a more functional and productive workforce, and how to incorporate better management practices. You will definitely leave the session with valuable insights and solutions that will make your workforce and your bottom line healthier.

Timely right? Last night before council we had an economic forecast presentation from staff and although GP is doing much better than many places we still heard that admin expects there to be a $900,000 drop in revenue from issuing fewer building permits. With that kind of news coming forward I thought this session could be very valuable. I'll report back.

If you want to check out any other info on previous AUAM Conventions click here or find "Conventions - AUMA" on the menu to the right.

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