Friday, September 17, 2010

Developing an Airport Industrial Park

This morning, as the Grande Prairie Regional Airport cut the ribbon on it's recent expansion, candidate for Mayor Bill Given announced his intention to advocate for the development of an industrial park at the Grande Prairie airport.

“The Grande Prairie Regional Airport is a unique asset for our community and in terms of land development I believe it's currently under-utilized.” said Given, who has previously served as both a director and chair of the airport commission.

The $16.5 million dollars in recently completed renovations a the terminal building and parking facilities were a part of the airport's long-range development plan. The plan also envisions a commercial/industrial development on the west side of the property. This industrial park would offer close proximity to both highway 43 and the future provincial by-pass.

“On the airport lands we can offer businesses something not available anywhere else in the region; direct access to air transport service.” said Given. “I believe encouraging and supporting innovative development like this will add to the city's tax base and offer opportunities for new kinds of businesses.”

Given noted that such a development would be a longer term project that would require partnerships. “To be a success, developing these lands will take the airport commission, private industry and the city working together,” said Given “We need to start that process today.”

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