Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First Post as Mayor

Last night was our organizational meeting where the new council was officially sworn-in.

The last few weeks have been quite a roller coaster; the suspense of the election, the euphoria after the win,  too many congratulations to count and then in to assuming my new position and getting ready for last night.

In between all that I've attended 2 events in support of United Way, 2 council orientations sessions, the GPRC President's Ball, my regular Rotary meeting and managed to find the coffee maker in city hall (with a little help).

Council is still in the middle of orientation with regular committee meetings starting next week and the 2011 budget review following hot on the heals of that with our first look at it on Nov 10th. Of note is that I've asked administration to move budget talks to City Hall where they can be webcast - it looks like this will be possible so we might have our first "first" of the new term.

Posts for the first while may be a little erratic but I do intend to find a way to work it into my regular schedule. ... right now though, I have to run downstairs for a review of council's Strategic Priorities chart.

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Leslie Ayre-Jaschke said...

All the best in your new adventure, Bill. Please do keep posting regularly if possible--the perspective as mayor will be different from that of an alderman and of interest to many of us.


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