Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Bio-Diesel for the City Fleet?

I spoke to a resident over the weekend who would like to see the city move towards using Bio-Diesel in our fleet of vehicles. He sent me an email:

" ...

In response to the Province's "Alberta's Climate Change" initiative that is underway, I would like to offer a suggestion to this Committee so the City of Grande Prairie can continue to be a leading community in this Province.

Provide the City's fleet of vehicles, including buses, heavy machinery, service trucks, protective and enforcement vehicles, with renewable fuels. Running the City's fleets on Bio-diesel and Ethanol-blended gasoline will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and also provide a cleaner fuel to burn.


I told him that I'd bring it up on the Public Works committee agenda for discussion. I'm aware of concerns about bio-diesel but it might be another tool in reducing the environmental footprint of the city. Other cities have been using the technology and we should be able to learn from them and see if it can be adapted for use in GP. Saskatoon, just sent out a media release today that covers some of the benefits they've realized using Bio-Diesel:

"- reduced fuel consumption (average of 3%); cost savings (just under 1 cent/litre based on current fuel costs);

- approximately 20% less engine wear, which has the potential to extend the lifespan of an engine, as well as decrease maintenance costs; and

- reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 7%."

full release

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