Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fire Service Master Plan

It's been an busy couple of days since I got back from our trip "out east"

Monday afternoon there was a special Protective Services committee meeting to have an interim look at how the the Fire Service Master Plan study is going. The consultants were asked to come in and give us an idea of the direction their findings were taking them. It was a pretty timely update given the fact that the County of Grande Prairie is doing their own study and seems to be on the path to creating their own fire service.

I was happy to hear the consultants say that the city's fire department provides an excellent service and is probably in the top 5% in the province in that regard. There was a caution though that a lack of attention and not providing the resources required when they are needed could seriously set the department back.

At this stage the final report isn't ready but I wasn't surprised by at least two of the recommendations that will be coming:

• We need to expand to keep up with growth
• A regional system would be better than competing services in the same area

Like I said no surprise - the devil is in the details and when the full master plan comes back it will lay out the specifics of how we go about maintaining our high performing service.

On a lighter note and speaking of fire service.... our Firefighter's Union is taking on a team of CFL oldtimers in a charity slo-pitch game on Friday at South Bear Creek. Guess who is acting as guest umpire .... that's right. I'm not sure if I'll have the guts to stare down a 300 pound lineman when there's a close strike call!

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