Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Great Site: Discover The Peace Country

Every now and then I pop in to Google to see if there are any new local blogs providing information on Grande Prairie. There haven't been too many lately but there is one great site that I've neglected to mention.

Although not exactly a blog (ok, not a blog at all really) is a great site that has tons of information on the whole Peace Region. My friend Ken has been running the site for at least eight years. In addition to on going updates on GP's business news he's also travelled the area and provides great information on many parks and recreation areas.

Ken has a media background so the information is detailed and he has some great photo galleries. Most recently he's put up galleries covering Street Performer's and the Canada Day Parade. (see if you can spot me on my bike in the Canada Day gallery).

So, pop on over to Discover The Peace Country - it's a great resource and I've added it to the Worthwhile Sites section on the right hand side of this page.

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Leslie said...

This IS a great site and the information for Peace River appears to be very current. Thanks, Bill.

Great photos from the GP parade. Photo 131 shows two pedicabs--do you know whether these operate in the City or were they brought in for the parade? (


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