Monday, July 21, 2008

Mackie Park Taking Shape

Just a quick note tonight ... I had to share my excitement with how J.C. Mackie Park is coming along. In case you hadn't heard, the park is named in honour of Mr. J.C. Mackie who was mayor back in 1958 when Grande Prairie became a city. It will be GP's first fully accessible playground - meaning it can be used by people in wheel chairs as well as those who have full mobility. It's pretty cool and I am very excited to see it take shape.

I've been cruising by every now and then. About two weeks ago it looked like this:

How happy was I when I popped by not much more than a week later and it looked like this:

The park is a project of the 50th Anniversary Committee and should (hopefully) be ready in early August.

* In response to a question in the comments: Mackie Park is at 111 Street and 106 Ave. that's just north of Emerald Gardens, behind Home Depot. It's an area with lots of high density housing and little green space so I'm sure the park will be a welcome addition.

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Anonymous said...

Looks great but where is it located


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