Saturday, June 6, 2009

Low Water Levels in Bear Creek Reservoir

One of the great features of Muskoseepi Park is the reservoir on the north end of Bear Creek. I remember "back in the the day" spending a few summers exploring the shore lines in rented paddle wheel boats and I'm sure pretty much everyone has walked around it at least once. (If you haven't, plan on it - it's a great summer walk!)

Anyhow like any great feature or facility, it needs a little TCL now and then. Over time the reservoir has filled up with silt and just this last year council approved a project to renovate the gates that control the out-flow of water. On top of all that we are undertaking a study of the whole Bear Creek corridor to look at the stablity of the bank. Part of the study of course looks at the banks around the reservoir. To get a good look they need to lower the level of water a bit - so there might not be too much paddling going on for a while. Check out the city media release below:

"Media Release - June 5, 2009

Lower Water Levels in Reservoir

The City of Grande Prairie is advising residents to expect reduced water levels in the Bear Creek reservoir for the next five days.

“Levels will be lowered to a minimum along the Bear Creek corridor to properly examine the Corridor for the Slope Stability Study,” says Project Technologist Richard Sali. “The purpose of this study is to inspect the banks of the creek for signs of deterioration and identify any possible areas of concern.”

After assessment of the corridor is complete, the reservoir gates will be closed and water levels will return to normal.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the City’s Transportation Engineering Department at (780)538-0417."

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