Wednesday, October 7, 2009

GGS Committee Agenda for October 7th

WOW - I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post! Life has been pretty busy for the last while with getting engaged and moving but I think things have normalized a bit and I should be back on a more regular schedule.

Speaking of a regular schedule, today is the regular day for our General Government Services committee meeting. The meeting is a 10am at city hall. We have a loaded agenda today with a lot of big items. Check out older GGS agendas here.

As always, the names you see below the agenda items are the staff members who are presenting the report on that item. My quick comments are in italics.

1. “In Camera” (land)
A. Ross, Land Manager

2.Marketing of Former Germain Park Property
A. Ross, Land Manager
Yep, it's back. Council voted to continue trying to sell the property (I voted against that motion but lost) so now we are back discussing what terms and conditions we'll put on any sale. I'll be arguing that the terms must see something happen on the site in a relatively short time period as I think if we're going to sell it (which I disagree with) then something needs to be built there sooner, rather than later. This land has become a detriment to the down town rather than an asset.

3.Request to Cancel Tax Penalty
K. Stephenson, Property TaxCoordinator
A request to cancel a tax penalty of $174.97 because (as near as I can tell) someone failed to notify us of an address change and they didn't get their tax notice on time. So, now they don't want to pay the penalty for late payments. I will likely vote not to cancel the late fees.

4.Aquatera Waste Management Facility
G. Scerbak, City Manager
This is a BIG issue, in fact I don't have enough time to write about it fully but simply put: one of the reasons Aquatera has lost money of late is because not all the garbage from the city is going to the city landfill. Much of it, especially from the north end and from multi-family (like apartments) has been going to the county landfill. The problem is each load that is lost actually represents lost revenue for Aquatera. So the question is how do we fix this? I have an idea but I thing the report here is going another direction.

5.Borrowing Bylaw C-1200
D. Sauve, Senior Financial Analyst
For the reconstruction of the Prairie Art Gallery. A total cost of $9,957,000. $2,092,000 of that will be borrowed (like a mortgage) and the additional $7,865,000 will come from grants, insurance and the Prairie Gallery.

6.Temporary Borrowing Bylaw C-1236
D. Sauve, Senior Financial Analyst
This basically a $2 million line of credit that the city has taken out every year since 1998. It's there just in case we need it to cover any gaps in our operating cash flow. I think we rarely, if ever, use it.

7.Cancellation of Regularly Scheduled Meetings
J. Ferguson, Legislative Services Manager
Most of council will be at the AUMA convention from November 3rd to 6th so we are cancelling two committee meetings that happen in the same period - Nov 3rd Public Works and Nov 4th GGS.

8.Strategic Priorities Chart
J. Ferguson, Legislative Services Manager

9.Deputy Mayor/Acting Mayor
J. Ferguson, Legislative Services Manager

10. City Matters
J. Ferguson, Legislative Services Manager

11.Other Business

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