Thursday, October 29, 2009

Help Improve the City's Website - get a gift certificate!

We need your help... and we're willing to make it worth your while!

Over the years the City of GP has been recognized as a leader in e-government, we've got just about anything you could want on our site and all that info is generally pretty useful. Unfortunately, over time the internet has changed and so have people's expectations of what the city should offer through it's site. As those expectations have changed I think our city's website has remained pretty much static.

So, to address this the city has started a process to redesign the way the website works, we want to make it more user friendly & more responsive to the needs of residents.

Here's where I need your help.... We are looking for people to participate in a survey with our consultant. They will look at how you interact with the site in a pretty cool online & telephone survey.

And, here's the cool part: for your help you'll earn a $25 gift certificate to!

The details:
The interview takes place over the phone, but participants will need to be at a computer (Windows XP/VIsta) as well. The software allows us to see and record the participant's desktop as they use the City website and record the phone conversation. As people use the GP site we may ask them to show us some things so we can watch how they interact with the site. We record the session because people's real words and actions are far more powerful than anything we can say. We find the clips very useful for presenting back to clients.

- 45 minute interviews
- People get a $25 gift certificate at as a thank-you for participating.

We’re looking for a variety of participants including people who:
- are between the ages of 18 and 24, or
- run businesses in Grande Prairie, or
- belong to community groups, or
- are residents over the age of 25

To get involved you can check out the ad our consultants placed on Kijiji or contact them by email at or phone at 1.800.670.7025

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Airblais said...

Thanks Bill, I'll try to do the survey!


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