Thursday, October 22, 2009

Olympic Torch Starts It's Journey to GP

The Olympic Torch has just started it's journey from Greece on it's way to the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver.

On it's way the torch relay will cover most of Canada and as part of that it will make a stop here in Grande Prairie on November 6th. The local committee has been working with VANOC planning the visit for quite a while and just yesterday they were able to release the route the runners and torch will cover in our city.

I'll be coming home from the AUMA convention to be here for it - and I've already picked out the corner where I'm going to watch the run... have you picked your spot?

Click here for the city media release on the torch route - the map is on a link at the bottom of the media release.

1 comment:

NorthernWulf said...

Actually Bill the torch is first on a 7 day relay across Greece THEN it comes to Canada arriving next Friday.


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