Monday, January 11, 2010

A Look Back - Child Rearing in Grande Prairie

I was going to wait a bit to post this but the feedback from everyone was so positive that I couldn't wait. I've got two more sections from this World Report that I've uploaded, I'll post them tonight. There's also another section that I still have to convert before I can upload it, I'll do that over the next week. So until then, here's another look back at Grande Prairie in the '50s:

In this instalment of World Report Celte Roberts interviews a Grande Prairie taxi driver, Chester Miller. Watch to hear the story of how the Miller Taxi company was involved parenting!

If you visit the Grande Prairie museum's Heritage Village you can the Miller Taxi building that Chester's company operated out of for years.

I don't think that would pass as parenting today.

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Kali said...

That is awesome Bill! Thanks for posting these!


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