Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sprinkler System Failure Floods Museum

2009 ended badly for the GP Museum, there was a on December 29th that has forced the closure of the main exhibit area. It sounds like major trouble was averted and I hope none of the museum's collection was badly damaged.

The City media release:

Museum Closed Due to Flooding

The Grande Prairie Museum main exhibit gallery is closed temporarily because of flooding that occurred December 29.

A rupture in the sprinkler system of one of the southwest storage trailers showered artifacts and storage trunks. Fortunately, an alarm alerted Security and Fire personnel, who notified Museum staff. The affected items were quickly removed and laid out to dry in the safety of the main gallery.

Damage is being assessed.

“This was such an unfortunate and potentially disastrous event,” said Heritage Resources Manager Trenton Perrott. “Thankfully, quick actions were taken to aggressively reduce the amount of damage.”

Clean-up and renovations to the storage area are expected to take several weeks and the exhibit gallery will remain closed until the end of January. The archives, rental area and reception are unaffected by the flooding and will maintain regular hours.

Media enquiries may be directed to:
Trenton Perrott
Heritage Resources Manager

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