Thursday, May 31, 2007

Province Going Non-Smoking

I just did a quick interview with the Daily Herald, responding to the news that the provincial government appears set to enact no-smoking legislation that would apply to all workplaces across Alberta.

Blogger Ken Chapman has been following this for quite a while and has the goods.

As for the media, the Edmonton Journal seems to have the most up to date information:

"Health Minister Dave Hancock said he hopes to introduce legislation in June, although it's unclear when the rules will take effect. When they do, Alberta will move from being Canada's most smoker-friendly province to one of its most stringently anti-tobacco.

The plan will even prohibit smoking within a to-be-determined distance from windows and doorways, to shield people from the toxins of second-hand smoke."
full story

A while ago council asked administration to put together a draft bylaw meeting the Gold Standard that most other cities in the province have gone to. A gold stadard bylaw prohibit smoking in all public places, including restaurants, bars, billiard halls, bingo halls, bowling alleys, and casinos/slots (where applicable). There is no allowance for Designated Smoking Rooms in Gold Standard by-laws. If the province comes in with thier own legislation that meets that standard then it wouldn't make sense for us to have a bylaw that duplicates it. I'm looking forward to finding out more details about this, when they will bring it to the legislature for a vote, if it passes when would it come in to force?

Still many details to be filled in but I think it's great news and long overdue.

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