Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Changes on 88th

I've previously posted on 88th Street on the east side of the city. I mentioned that it was coming to council for a decision At that meeting there was a great turnout from residents in the area and council took action on their concerns by directing staff to close 88th to address the health and safety issues caused by the road. It was all covered very well in the newspaper.

Anyhow, that meeting was Monday of last week and by Tuesday of this week a large chunk of the road is closed as per the City of Grande Prairie media release below. This will cut off a short-cut route for for many people and some are disappointed of course but in the end the fact is that 88th has always been planned to be closed as the east side developed. We heard from the developer of Copperwood at the council meeting - he supported the closure and said that 116th will soon be constructed so there will be alternate routes opening up quickly. Closing 88th now just speeds the improvement for all those residents that have had to put up with the dust and noise for so many years.

News Release
July 24, 2007

City Closes Section of 88th Street

The City of Grande Prairie is rerouting traffic off 88th Street between 122nd Avenue and Lakeland Drive effective immediately until further notice.

This move follows a July 16 City Council decision to temporarily close that portion of road until necessary repairs are undertaken to address health and safety issues. Aldermen were responding to resident concerns of increased levels of dust in recent years, resulting from higher volumes of traffic.

“In addition to entering or leaving the City via Highway 43, there are a number of other routes passenger vehicles can take instead of using 88th Street,” says Robert Carroll, Transportation Services Manager, adding truck traffic in the northern section of Grande Prairie is expected to enter or depart Grande Prairie on 100th Street.

“This move will relieve residents along 88th Street of the dust-related problems they have brought forward.”

The portion of the street between 116th Ave and 122nd Ave will remain open to accommodate construction of the Copperwood Subdivision. It is located at the northeast corner of 116th Ave. and 88 Street.

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