Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You Can Still Give Input on GP's New MDP

The city is still going through the public input phase of it's Municipal Development Plan review process. As I mentioned back in October of last year; The MDP is the overarching document that guides all the other plans that the city does so it's principles have a big impact in how our community develops. In fact it literally shapes the way our neighbourhoods grow, mature and redevelop - so it has a big impact on our quality of life

Have your say in how our community grows!

"Media Release
March 17, 2009

City of Grande Prairie Wants Public Input on MDP

Residents interested in helping to plan the direction of development in Grande Prairie are encouraged to attend a Wednesday, March 25 open house.

The session will allow the public to comment on the proposed Municipal Development Plan (MDP). It runs from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Muskoseepi Park Pavilion.

“The public forum provides an opportunity to learn about the planning process,” says Planning Manager Michael McIntyre.”People can ask questions and express opinions about land use issues of importance to them.”

The MDP is a planning document used to guide future growth and development while taking into consideration the needs and concerns of citizens.

The existing MDP was initially adopted in 1995.

“Grande Prairie has grown significantly over the last 14 years and our planning documents need to reflect this change,” says MacIntyre. “Public input is important to ensure the plan reflects the interests and values of residents.”

Information has been collected from surveys conducted in June, and through various focus group sessions with local residents and organizations.

The City of Grande Prairie and Lovatt Planning Consultants, with assistance from ISL Engineering and Land Services, is updating the MDP to establish a policy framework and future land use concept that reflects the collective vision of the citizens on a variety of issues such as the type, level and pattern of downtown, industrial, sustainability and commercial development, the need for market affordable housing, sustainability and smart growth principles.

The MDP strives to balance all views expressed in the plan preparation process. It will also incorporate the results of other planning processes under way such as the master plans for Transit and Muskoseepi Park, the Transportation Master Plan and the Land use Bylaw.

Once the public participation phase has been completed, the consultant will draft a new MDP. Council’s Review Committee will evaluate the draft and if it believes the ideals of the community have been represented though the initial process the consultant will then begin the second set of focus groups in order to gain public input on the proposed draft.

The goal is to have the updated plan reviewed by Council in the fall."

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