Friday, December 11, 2009

Multiplex Photos at about 40% Complete

I had a chance to tour the construction site at the Multiplex this morning and I thought I'd share some pictures so everyone can have an inside look at what's coming for our community!

Before I go any further - I have to say that I have the up most respect for all the trades and construction workers on site. It's supposed to get cold this weekend and although I hear they might close down if it's really cold - there were all there today working away and I was freezing after my 20 minute walk through! So, hats off to the Wright Construction team and everyone onsite, I appreciate the job your doing!

This is heading north as you walk into what will be the south entrance of the building. The part with the yellow tarp is where the RCMP satellite office will be.

Just coming in the south entrance, still looking north, you can see down the main hall. On the right is the fieldhouse and to the left will be the lease spaces.

We turned right and walked into the fieldhouse. This is looking north towards the pool area. You can see the scaffold heading up to the two upper levels.

Walking east through the field house you can see where the 4 squash courts will go, with St. Joe's high school in the background.

That big hole is the 50m pool. This is looking North-East across the pool. This photo doesn't really give you a sense of just how big an area it is.

From just about the same spot as above but looking North-West this time, across what will be the adventure river, spray park - the two waterslides will be at the back.

At the for North end of the building is the adult hot-tub. The low area that Felix is standing in started at my feet and goes all the way to the wheelbarrow behind. That gives you some idea of how big the tub will be! You should just about always be able to find a spot in there!

This is near the center of the building and is looking down into what will the be the shorter 25m program pool. All this will be under the pool when it is put in.

On the second level, looking back South-West to the entrance we came through in the first photo. The Gymniks building is in the background. You can see how the concrete has been formed to provide seating on the second level looking into the fieldhouse.

On the second level councourse, looking North-West, across the 50m pool in to the adventure river / spray deck area. For a sense of how big the space really is check out the lower right of the picture - see that tiny worker!? He's loading something on to the boom of the man-lift.

From the same spot as above but looking more directly West. The slightly curved steel railing running from the bottom centre will be where a glass wall provides a view into the pool area.

Further along the second level concourse, looking West again. The floor here isn't finished but you can see the elevator shaft on the right. Walking along here will lead you into the 16,000 sf fitness area.

Third level, in what will be a mechanical room. I had to take the photo to show how massive the mechanical system will be - those giant grey boxes with the small doors are actually part of the air handling system and there were at least the of them up there!

On the third level running track looking back across the fieldhouse to the South-West entrance again.

Finally a parting shot from the third floor mechanical room area. Looking North across the houses in Mission ... 214 Place is a tiny square in the center-left of the picture.

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