Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow Removal Flyer

Now that we've got a reasonable amount of snow on the ground it's pretty timely that the city is passing on information about our snow removal program. It's big job cleaning city streets; the roads classified at the Priority 1 & 2 levels (check the map below) equal about 133KM of work. Keeping in mind that over much of that distance crews have to work around curbs, traffic, homes and parked cars it's no wonder it's time consuming job.

The information below will be circulated as a flyer to every household in GP through Canada Post. The goal of passing on the info to help the public understand how the city prioritizes which streets get cleaned first and how the public can help make the operation more effective by complying with some of the bylaws in place.

2009/2010 SNOW REMOVAL

This flyer is intended to provide City residents information regarding snow removal for the 2009/2010 season and answers some commonly asked questions regarding Snow Removal and Ice Control.

• What Are the Priorities for Snow Plowing on City streets?
After a major snowfall, snow is removed on a priority basis as follows:

Priority 1 - Major Arterials; 100 St, 84 Ave, 68 Ave, Resources Rd, Hwy 40 - Wapiti Road, etc.
Priority 2 - Transit Bus Routes and Major Collector Roadways; Crystal Lake Drive, Mission Heights Drive, Poplar Drive, Royal Oaks Drive, etc.
Priority 3 - Local Roads & Lanes (residential areas) – The City provides dedicated Snow and Ice Control on local roads & lanes in residential areas. Weekday mornings in North side Neighbourhoods (North of 100 Ave) and weekday afternoons in Southside Neighbourhoods (South of 100 Ave.)

Check the Residential Snow and Ice Control webpage at www.cityofgp.com/citygov/dept/trans/worknotices/ for more information on the program.

• Where Does the Snow Go?
Priority 1 and 2 routes - Snow will normally be plowed to the middle of the road and hauled to the City Snow Dump or will be pushed over the curb and onto the City-owned boulevards.
[Note from Bill: Once the city picks up snow it is classified as a contaminated material and has to be trucked to a specially constructed Snow Dump area. Having to handle the snow this way really increases costs. Right now the city only has one Snow Dump site just off 92nd street along the railroad tracks. We are planning for second site in another area of the city but that will cost money to build too.]

Sidewalks on Both Sides - Snow will either be plowed to the middle and removed or plowed and stockpiled to the sidewalk on the even numbered side of the road on even years or the odd numbered side of the road on odd years.

Sidewalk on One Side only - Snow will generally be plowed to the side without a sidewalk. Snow will be pushed over the curb and onto the City-owned boulevards.

No Sidewalk - The snow will be plowed to both sides.

• What is my responsibility for Snow Removal and Ice Control on the sidewalk along my property?
Bylaw #C-1166: Every Occupant, or owner, of property adjacent to a sidewalk, shall remove, or caused to be removed, and cleared away, any snow or ice from the adjacent sidewalk and the removal shall be completed within 24 hours following the most recent deposit of snow or ice. Do not dispose snow on City Property. Snow removed from sidewalks and private lanes shall not be placed within the City’s roadways.

• Can I park my vehicle on a Permanent Snow Route?
Bylaw #C-1166, and Snow Removal and Ice Control Policy 606; the Roads indentified as Priority I and Priority II for Snow Removal and Ice Control and will be declared Permanent Snow Routes from Nov 15, 2009 until April 15, 2010.

A person shall not park a vehicle or permit a vehicle to remain parked on a roadway marked as a Permanent Snow Route. All vehicles parked on marked Permanent Snow Routes following the declaration are subject to a fine and/or immediate removal and impound at the expense of the registered owner of the vehicle.

A map of the Permanent Snow Routes (1.8MB PDF Map HERE) available for view by clicking the “Maps” link on the City website at www.cityofgp.com .

We thank all residents of the City of Grande Prairie for their co-operation and if you need to reach us to report hazardous road conditions, have questions about our Snow and Ice Control Program or on any transportation related issue, please call 780 538-0354 or email us at Transport_contact@cityofgp.com .

Thank you,
City of Grande Prairie - Transportation Services


BuMbOkLaTt said...

No parking on priority 1 and 2 snow routes from Nov 15th to April 15th. This will be a major flop. Just plain brutal.

Anonymous said...

How about homes with fire hydrants in there front yards.. Do we have to clear a pathway and around the hydrant?


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