Monday, September 17, 2007

Nomination Day

Well, today was nomination day for the October 15th Municipal election. All the candidates have submitted packages and we ended up with 16 people running for Alderman and 2 running for Mayor. Here's the alphabetical list with the candidate's websites that I've been able to find. This should be considered "unofficial" as candidates have 24 hours to withdraw their names.

Mayoral Candidates

Wayne Ayling

Dwight Logan

Aldermanic Candidates

Gladys Blackmore

John Croken
Website Not Available

Elroy Deimert

Augustine Ebinu
Website Not Available

Lorraine Ehlert
Website Not Available

Bill Given
Website ummmm - you're on it.

Alex Gustafson

Margaret Heath
Not Available

Danny Hynes
Not Available

Kevin McLean
Not Available

Yad Minhas
Not Available

Lorraine Nordstrom
Not Available

Lorne Radbourne

Helen Rice
Not Available

David Story

Dan Wong

In the County of GP there will only be races in four of the 9 nine wards. Everett McDonald, Leanne Beaupre, Jack O'Tool, Richard Harpe and Mary Ann Eckstrom had no one run against them so they all keep their spots on council without even having to fire up the election machine. Not so for the following divisions where incumbents will face challengers:

Div 2
Kurt Balderson (Inc)
Terry McNutt
Sharon Lynne Nelson

Div 5
Pat Jacobs (Inc)
Norm Hanson

Div 6
Dalton Longson (Inc)
Lois Dueck
Alice McKay

Finally, in Div 7 three candidates, Fronk Lowen, Andy Hommy, & Stephen Blum, will look to take over the seat vacated by the retirement of Brock Smith.

The last bit of election news that I've heard is that Leona Hanson is running for mayor in Beaverlodge. I know Leona from her days at SMEDA (now known as Community Futures) and I think she is certainly up to the task.

If you know of a candidate website that I have missed please forward it on to me so I can include it in the list.

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