Saturday, September 1, 2007

Updated Candidate List

Just the other day I thought I had the candidate list up to date, then I went to a Rotary meeting on Friday. I had a chance to sit next to Lorraine Ehlert who has declared that she is going to seek a seat on council. I had to admit to her that I had missed the announcement, which surprised me a little. She said that she had only spoken to one of the radio stations so far to make it public. I imagine that you'll hear more about her in the media next week.

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are still a couple people who were thinking of running that I had coffee with - they still aren't on this list but one will be making his announcement Tuesday and I think the other might have been aiming for the 10th.

So, here is the updated list of those who have officially announced their intentions, in alphabetical order, with their website (if available) so you can check everyone out. I imagine the two current council members still unaccounted for will announce fairly soon: John Croken & Margaret Heath. If those two both choose to run plus the other two I've met with and let's say at least one more (I'm going on more than a hunch here) we could have a field of 13 running for the 8 Alderman positions.

That's a healthy election and great news for Grande Prairie! If you are interested in running I've previously posted the info on how to go about it here .

Gladys Blackmore

Elroy Deimert

Lorraine Ehlert
Not Available

Bill Given
Website ummmm - you're on it.

Kevin McLean
Not Available

Lorne Radbourne

Helen Rice
Not Available

David Story

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