Thursday, September 6, 2007

Transit Questions

You might have noticed I'm on FaceBook . More and more I'm getting to see it as an invaluable new tool for communicating with people. I started up a group in support of my campaign and to get feedback from residents on what they feel are the important issues facing Grande Prairie. So far the group has over 300 members and there are twelve threads active on the discussion board, which I think is great!

On of the threads was focused on transit service in the city and it started off with this post from Bruce Hawryluk:

Posted By Bruce Hawryluk - "My concern is how inconvenient the public transit system in the city is. I am going back to college this fall, and I can see GPRC from my house in Pinnacle Ridge, but to use the city system I have to walk almost a kilometer, and then it is almost an hour ride to the college. I can't really bike becaue then I'd be going down Wapiti Road at 8 am and that would be suicide. Come winter it will be hard to walk because there is no trails at all down Wapiti Road. The trail that does leave Pinnacle Ridge mysteriously dead ends into a swamp just outside the gates. It is very hard to do anything but drive to the college, and while trying to keep gas costs and carbon footprint down, I am finding the current transit system to be no help. I think that it needs a large overhauI. I see no need for everything to go down to the Town Centre mall still, as nothing actually happens there. If the city would come up with a better master plan we might see more than 2 people on a bus at one time."

My response to Bruce....

Posted by Bill Given - "Bruce you are exactly right - the whole thing needs to be improved and there needs to be a better plan. Thats exactly why we are doing a total rewrite.

There's a [news] report on it here

One of the cool things is that we are working with the school boards to see if we might be able to integrate the school system with the city transit system and improve things for everyone."

How's that for direct access to your elected representative?

In addition to my support for the transit master plan rewrite and implementing the recommendations that will come from it I'm also in support of using bio-diesel in the city's fleet. Other municipalities are having success with this technology and I think it's something we should implement here as well.

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Sheri Maki said...

I am in complete agreement with an overhaul of the City's transit system. I live in O'Brien Lake and to ride the bus, in the winter, we have to walk on the road on 68th ave to St Joe's because there aren't any sidewalks to walk on. There's a path made in the grass from pedestrians that we use when there is no snow, but when the snow falls, he 'path' isn't shoveled or cleaned by the city in any respect. A young woman was hit by a vehicle there last year and was severely injured. Why are the the people of Grande Prairie forced to walk on roadways, and scale snowpiles dumped on sidewalks to get anywhere? How does a person in wheelchair, a senior citizen, a mother with a baby in a stroller get to the bus stop? The City is forcing our children to walk in the roads and doesn't seem to care about it.

Our citizens aren't just inconvenienced...they are actually in danger trying to get to work, school, or anywhere else they need to travel.
This HAS to change. There has to be responsibility on the part of the City of Grande Prairie to take care of it's people.


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