Monday, October 15, 2007

Aquatera Launches Waste Reduction Week

I just received this note about National Waste Reduction Week from Amy with Aquatera.

"It's National Waste Reduction, a national event recognizing the importance of waste minimization and conservation.

This week Aquatera will be celebrating by visiting grade 2 classrooms to promote the 3 R's!  Students will learn the importance of recycling and how everyone can make a difference.  Grade 4 students participated in producing the radio announcements this week.  We will also be holding our annual "Get Caught Recycling" contest this week!  You could get CAUGHT RECYCLING at any of Aquatera's recycling depots in the City and win!  Just visit the recycling depots between October 15 - 19 and watch for the Aquatera van.  Each day a lucky recycler will win great prizes - it really does pay to recycle.

Amy Horne
Recycling Manager
Aquatera Utilities Inc."

Its a shame that through the campaign some candidates choose to knock Aquatera's recycling efforts. Recycling has always been a big part of what the company does and I think that accurately reflects the value that the community in general places on good environmental stewardship.

Thanks Amy!

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