Sunday, October 14, 2007

Where to Vote

The advance polls are over and Monday is officially election day in the city and across the province! The polls will be open from 10am to 8 pm and results will roll in quickly after that.

If you are unsure of where to vote you can check the city's webpage here for full details and a larger map but essentially this is what you need to know: Check the map below, locate which of the thirteen voting subdivisions you live in. From there you'll be able to tell which voting station from the list below you need to go to.

Voting Stations by Voting Subdivision

#1 - Grande Prairie Elks Hall: 10806 - 106 Street

#2 - Crystal Park School (gymnasium): 9351 - 116 Avenue

#3 - St. Clement School (gymnasium): 9636 - 109 Avenue

#4 - Trinity Lutheran Church: 10404 - 100 Street

#5 - Holy Cross School: 11065 - 90 Street

#6 - Church of Christ: 9606 - 92 Avenue

#7 - Army, Navy, Airforce Club: 10117 - 93 Street

#8 - Swanavon School (gymnasium): 8908 - 100 Street

#9 - St. Gerard School (gymnasium): 9724 - 88 Avenue

#10 - Kateri Mission School (gymnasium): 7906 - Mission Heights Drive

#11 - St. Patrick School (gymnasium): 7810 - Poplar Drive

#12 - Alexander Forbes School (gymnasium): 7240 - Poplar Drive

#13 - Aspen Grove School (gymnasium): 9618 - 63 Avenue

After you've voted you can look for results here or even watch a live webcast of results and interviews with candidates here . Information will roll in quickly after the polls close thanks to the city's electronic ballots which are counted extremely quickly.

And, if you are looking to have a little fun I invite you to join me downtown at the curling club. I'll be upstairs watching the results roll in at an all candidates party. I'm not too sure of which of the other candidates will stop by but I will be there and so will Mayor Ayling. To say thanks for the support we'll make sure there is food on hand for those who might be a little peckish. Children are welcomed and encouraged!

I'd like take a minute in advance to thank everyone one who has supported me through the last six years and in this election. I really have appreciated the opportunity you've given me to serve and be involved - I hope I've earned the right to do so again.

For those of you who are regular readers; I'm sure you are the kind of person who always votes. We need more of you so remind people during the day that they've got to get out. Tell them how easy it is, and tell them that they don't have to know all the candidates - they can just vote for those that they really want to see in. And, finally, when you head to the polls on Monday make sure you take a friend or family member that might not otherwise go along.

... and, if you've enjoyed reading my blog over the past few months I hope you'll pass on a good word for me.


Dave Sawchuk said...

See you at the curling club! Maybe after a few cocktails we'll "roll" a few "ends"? Whatever

BBS said...

Congratulations on your win Bill. Highest vote total too! How does that compare with your last two runs?



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