Sunday, April 22, 2007

Major Community Facilities Program

It looks like Monday will be the day that some of the provincial budget details come into focus.

Hector Goudreau, Minister of Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture is in GP tomorrow morning at 11:00am to announce the details of the Major Community Facilities Program. The invitation to the media launch describes the basics of the program:

"This lottery-funded grant program will assist non-profit organizations and municipalities with planning, upgrading or building major sports, recreational, cultural or other related family and community wellness facilities."

The provincial budget website says the program will be funded to the tune of $280M over two years.

The Minister is making the announcement in the Coca -Cola Centre, which is the twin ice arena component of the Community Knowledge Campus (CKC). As home to St. Joseph's High School, the Gymnastics Centre, the twin rinks and the future site of the proposed Aquatics Centre and Field House the CKC certainly qualifies as a "major sports, recreational, cultural or other related family and community wellness facility".

Is the Minister choosing this location to host the media launch a good omen for the future of the Aquatics Centre and Field House?

We can certainly hope.

I'll try to post as soon as I can after the announcement.

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Darryl Smith said...

I want to know when is Grande Prairie going to get into the Fine Arts. The Douglas Lake Theater has been ripping it's clients off for far too long and not providing the level of professionalism and organization that they so boldly profess. Considering the amount of fee's the charge the maintenance would show through. The fine arts sector of this city is fed up with the gross neglect of the College and need a Theater complex... and soon.


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